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 “Humph,v9万国复刻,V9厂复刻IWC万国万年历葡萄牙IW503401腕表欣赏 – n厂手表nd the six forces gathered together, and Qin Yu always seemed very kind. Di Long also wanted to bully Qin Yu in language, but he did not expect Qin Yu to react so fiercely that he would start fighting without saying a word.


    Zhenxu Zhenren also frowned and said: “Di Long, what you said is wrong. If you go to the three pavilions of the Star Pavilion, it will be extremely beneficial to them. Pavilion Master Qin Yu said that he would give in. Now, you say that he is sinister, it is too much.”

    “Hi, hi, don’t change the subject.” Yanmo smiled.

    Everyone turned their eyes to Yanmo.

    “I was still discussing just now, how many people can I go to with a jade sword?” Everyone has made up his mind.” Yanmo glanced at everyone.

    I saw the three people discussing together, and Ida also discussed with Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu. After all, Penglai Immortal Territory and Purple Flame Demon Prison were formed by the gathering of major immortals and major cultivators. Which people to send is extremely troublesome.

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