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    In the end, Ye Xiu’s answer to them was: Just brush the level up.

    The two presidents burst into tears! This casual brushing broke their record. Is this a demonstration or something?

    There is also Liu Hao besides this, his Li Henjian has not been offline, what are he doing? Play in the arena and bun invasion.

    Liu Hao used the Lihen Sword to keep secrets casually, only to learn that the Baozi Invasion was playing in the arena again. When he had an idea, he ran to fight the Baozi Invasion. There is nothing to dig through direct contact with Ye Qiu. It is better to start with the people around him. Liu Hao thinks this is a good idea.

    Liu Hao had a hard time playing with the buns invasion and playing arena. He has to hide his strength! But I don’t want to hide too much, so I want to create that intractable scene. The Baozi invasion is not a weak person, it is very difficult to control, Liu Hao is also working hard. While playing carefully, he also tried every possible means to invade this place from the bun.


    This guy knows everything about Baozi’s invasion, but the problem is that he doesn’t know anything, even Glory is not too familiar, and the next copy is unclear.

Chu, even many of the skills that others have used are not well-known. In the end is to describe how mighty he is.

    Liu Hao was very obscurely analyzing the information obtained from Xiaobai, and couldn’t figure out any clues for a long time. Suddenly, a system prompt flashed, and the name that made him extremely sensitive quickly came into view.

    how come? ? ?

    Liu Hao was surprised. Isn’t this Baozi invasion the main player in Ye Qiu’s record? Why don’t you call it when you check the record now? Liu Hao came to play with Baozi Invasion, and there was part of this reason: following Baozi Invasion, he might be able to get onto the team.

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